Essential Minimalist Kitchen Tools

I’ve been a striving minimalist for a good few years now. I say striving because I’ve still got a couple of areas in our flat to declutter. But the kitchen has been kondo-ed!

My obsession with having a sleek, white kitchen started in 2006 when I saw ‘the one’ in a Grand Designs episode. The owners designed a modern and clutter-free space where culinary dreams could come true. And it was white. Fast forward 11 years, I got the white kitchen. Just without the McMansion dimensions.

This is where our little kitchen helper really helps us save space. Because it’s so multi-functional, I no longer have a food processor, juicer and smoothie maker. Getting rid of a few bigger sized appliances makes all the difference when you’ve got a modestly sized kitchen* like ours and want a clutter-free kitchen.

I won’t list all of the ‘must-have’ tools to have in a minimalist’s kitchen (who also happens to have a Thermomix® or a similar cooking machine) – I don’t feel qualified enough to say that yet. And I’m sure everyone with a space to cook has a knife, chopping board and some pots & pans at hand.

But here is a short list of very much used and personally essential kitchen tools that make my thermomixing that much easier. So if you’re new to the ‘mixing game, take note!

1. Citrus Press

I love using fresh lemon juice in my dishes almost as much as Jamie Oliver so this tool is a must-have. This press makes it a cinch to get the exact amounts of juice straight into the jug as it has its own strainer. No need to squeeze, strain and then pour when you’ve got this nifty tool. Plus the colour!

2. Measuring Spoons

If you’re like me and like to follow recipes to a T, you are likely to have these. Most recipes call for a teaspoon of this or a tablespoon of that and while you won’t ruin dishes by mistaking one for the other, baked goods are something else. To ensure consistently good results, get a set of these.

3. Measuring Cups

If you’re going to get measuring spoons, please get some measuring cups. Again, so many recipes use the ‘cups’ as a standardised measurement. UK cups and spoons are slightly different to US and even sometimes AUS ones, so check the origin of the recipe. I use my cups so much I have two sets because I’m not the wash-as-you-go kinda gal. I’m more like, use-it-and-throw-it-in-the-dishwasher kind.

4. Silicone Spatula

Thermomixers will have an official spatula that comes with the machine, but I like to have a few softer ones on hand to scrape out as much goodness as I can from the jug. I have one for savoury and one for sweet. Saves me washing up when I’m in a cooking frenzy.

Have I forgotten any thermomixing essential tools? Let me know in the comments below.

*by Western standards. In Asia, the size of our kitchen would be considered palatial.