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Beauty & Fashion

I’m feeling kinda good. The greyness is making way for some blue in the London sky and I can actually see the sun beyond the clouds. If only this city had more sunny days…I’m sure we’d see happier faces.

As I type I’m trying hard to ignore Amazing M’s singing. She’s supposed to be napping but has lately acquired the habit of singing a mash up of “Twinkle twinkle” and “Old Macdonald had a farm” interspersed with guttural laughs and asking for more. Does she see ghosts? Who is she asking more from? This goes on for about fifteen minutes until she finally drifts off for an hour. God, is she frickin’ cute.

The two naps she has are my saviour. It’s when I get stuff done, whether it be cleaning, relaxing or internetting. May M continue with the two naps until she goes to school.

Back to the topic of today’s post: DM’s spring/summer wardrobe. It may be a little early to be thinking of lighter clothes, especially for a very practical mother who is far removed from the fashion industry. But I’m a little over wearing Gap, and as practical as black leggings are, I would much rather be ensconced on the sofa watching “Home and Away” wearing this…




I’m hoping to have a bright and cheerful wardrobe this spring and summer. Adventurous and high fashion isn’t exactly my style, but I’m going to get out of my comfort zone next season and Vogue it up without embarrassing family and friends. Hopefully.