Thank you!

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To my byaaaa-da-ful friends and family:

Let me just say that I have been having the best time in Sydney. I’ve had the chance to catch up with a lot of my old but ‘new mummy’ friends, my non-mummy girl and boy friends and just chill with my family.

Amazing M has been spoiled rotten by her halmae, halbae and imo. Think chocolates, sweets and lots of bulgogi. I’m not sure my parents know the meaning of ‘no more’ when it comes to M. Ms Diva Yakult has also been spoiling her with the most gorgeous clothes from Seed. M walks, babbles and looks like a diva. In bling and tulle.

What I (wish I) was doing in Sydney…with Mr B, of course!


It’s been bliss. We’ve been hitting discount stores for party decorations, supermarkets for Aussie treats like Tim Tams (and Twisties and Toobes and lamingtons) and the city to catch up with the fab Ms AJK for Japanisch delights.

I got to potter around the house and design things for M’s party while she took her naps. All because I had the leisure of not having to do any housework, run errands or cook.

I got to eat Tim Tams for breakfast and drink lots of Aldi organic coffee, which by the way, is amazing. I’m no coffee aficionado but that caffee ist sehr gut!

I got to share delicious churros with equally delicious girlfriends. Ms AJK was a sweetheart, as usual, and got me the most delectable chocolates for Mother’s Day. She has been spoiling us with yummy food. A big shout out to the long sushi rolls she bought us. The filling goes right through to the end, unlike most other ones that taper off half way.

I got to spend lots of time with my beautiful sister and watch pop tv shows like Glee and watch cheezy flicks like Pitch Perfect. It was so much fun I kinda feel like, like, I’m a, you know, a tweeny bopper for having, like, such an amazeballsy time!  One Direction, I love you! Well, not quite.

I got to hang out with my fabulous dad, who kindly took  a week off work to spend some quality time with us. We swam at the Aquatic Centre, played in parks, and spend a few hours in Taronga Zoo. I won’t forget how much I shrieked out when a kookaburra swooped down from nowhere to hijack our cheese from our lunch table.  M is now very afraid of big birds.

What else did I ‘got to do’ besides eat, laugh and enjoy the gorgeous weather? What else do I got to do? Nothing!

I’m really going to miss the family, friends, the sun and the buzz of familiarity mixed with comfort. Sydney is in my heart. It’s traffic congested roads are tattooed into my skin in the form of stretch marks. TMI?

I don’t care that it costs twice as much to buy my brand of toothpaste here.

I want Sydney. And I’m sure Sydney wants us, too.


Friends, glorious friends.

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I have to say that when it comes to the friendship arena, I’m a pretty lucky gal. My close and old friends are awesome. Without them I don’t think I’d be the same person. The love they show me with their unwavering support and acceptance is amazing. Thank you a million times over for being there for me.

One of the perks of becoming a mother is the opportunity of making new friends that non mothers in big old cities like London are not privy to. Would it be cynical of me to say that making new friends in your 20s, 30s and beyond is not very easy? Having a baby gives you some common ground to start up a conversation which is pretty much rare in London unless you’re drunk or outgoing. It’s a bit weird to ask the kind looking lady sitting next to you on the tube, “Hey, do you want to be friends?”.

Miss Diva Yakult and I were chatting about making (or rather, not making) new friends the other day. Before Amazing M came along, I was kinda lazy in the ‘making the effort to make new friends’ department. Let’s face it: unless you’re not very nice, you’ll have established a circle of friends you can rely on by the time you are thirty. So why should one give up their precious time and energy to look for more friends, unless you’re one of those FB friend collectors. Some of my work colleagues naturally developed into friends, I had my own set of ex-pat friends, Mr B and Skype. So why should I bother?

Having Amazing M made me bother. My single and childless friends in London went on with their exciting lives while I was stuck at home on the couch with a human milk suckeruperer. I had to find someone to talk baby stuff to without them yawning or feigning interest. So the internet and local mothers coffee group was a Godsend. It was there that I met some great women who have given me a lot of kind words, support, advice and genuine friendship. I am one of the lucky ones that found a few gems who I could speak to about fashion, celebrities, shopping and non-baby topics. Because seriously, talking about solids, weaning and baby shit can really get boring after a while. And some of these gems, I can genuinely say, have become close friends.




It didn’t come easy at first. I had to get out there and meet mothers. So desperate was I for some mummy friends that I posted meet-a-mum adverts online. Well, the effort paid off because I have a diverse group of yummy mummies who crack me up and support me, and vice versa.

Obviously not all the women you meet will float your boat. Your baby is, after all, the only common denominator. But with lots of regular group meet ups, you’re bound to find a few women with common interests, values and parenting styles. So if you’re a new or not so new mummy, or a non-mummy looking to make some friends, you’ve got to just get out there and join or start a group. is a great place to start as you can refine your search to types of groups and location anywhere in the world. It is scary to put yourself out there. Kinda like dating. But if you don’t do it out of fear, you might miss the opportunity to befriend some wonderful people!

Going east to Westfield.

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Another rainy day in sunny, sunny London!  It’s been raining pretty much all week, but can’t complain as the U.K. is officially in drought.  We need the rain to wash away the dirt and provide some sustenance to the green fields beyond the cityscape.

So along with thousands of other rain averse people, we decided to head to Westfield in Stratford City, the Olympic Town.

We browsed the Lego shop and went a bit googoo over the Duplo sets that we planned to get Amazing M when she is old enough to know not to eat the plastic pieces.  There was even a set with cupcakes pieces!

So as not to alienate the pre-teen girl market, the Friends Range was born.  I was seriously contemplating on getting either the Beauty Parlour or Cafe.  One day I will succumb to the inner child in me.

Hey, delicious sister! Does this tickle your fancy?

I can’t really concentrate right now as a documentary about the Indian Ocean is on, and the dream like views of Seychelles is calling me.  Oh. My. Word.  I have always wanted to go there, but I need to be there right now!

No words of wisdom from me for now, except- happiness and joy within breeds happiness and joy without.  This weekend has been proof of that.

Gotta go and enjoy the turtles and crystal clear beaches.