Have Dirndl, will drink Bier.

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I now have a dirndl.

Not a butt cheek revealing Halloween/fancy dress/give me an excuse to dress like a stripper dirndl, but a genuine Bavarian folk dress.

So all I have to do is organise a trip to Oktoberfest, drink, sing and be merry.



We’ve been doing lots of exercise in Germany which explains the gaps between posts. Today we went on a 10km hike in the Spessart area, trekking through beautiful forests. After a lovely lunch of venison at a local bierhaus, we drove back home, ate cake and then had a short power nap in the backyard.

Amazing M has been sleeping well at Oma and Opa’s house (go sleep training!) and having such a great time with them in the backyard amongst flowers and something we don’t have much of in London: grass. Long live Summer.