AV unit excitement.


Having a gorgeous engagement ring was such a big deal back in the day. I think back now and wonder what the fuss was about. For starters, I hardly wear my rings as it’s pretty impractical with a toddler. And really, I’d rather a flat full of lovely furniture or a small car if I’m being really honest. Not that I don’t like beautiful jewellery anymore. I love a bit of bling – I’d be wearing Ms Taylor’s emeralds if I was literally rolling around in fifty pound notes. But I’m not.

These days I get excited about hardware stores, pharmacies and furniture shopping. In fact I think I mentally purchase more interior stuff than high street couture.

Mr B gave me the option of receiving a nice ring for my Christmas present, but I’m getting this instead…


I’ve been drooling over this out of stock mid-century inspired AV unit for a long time. I was constantly checking their website to see if it was back in stock. And now it is on its way to our flat. I am so excited!!


Fifty shades of grey.


Stop now if you think this post is a book review on the famed book. I’ve been told the writing is average but who cares if the sex bits are hot, right? Unfortunately I’ve been told the sex bits are also a bit average, so I think I’ll pass for now. You don’t need to read books to spark up your sex life. If you have desires, do as Nike does and “Just do it!”.

I thought the title for this post was apt as I am currently having a visual love affair for all things grey (in furnishing).

We have finally (after five years) found the perfect place to live and have the exciting task of decorating the unfurnished flat. London abodes are pretty much all furnished when it comes to rentals, so we were delighted to find a great flat with our desired specs that came unfurnished!

So for the past week we have been furniture perving and started to purchase a few items.

I’ve ordered a few swatches for our grey headboard. We decided to go for a divan bed with drawers on the base for more storage as space is limited in London flats. Our headboard is going to look something like this.

No bedroom suite is complete without bedside tables, so we will get these babies.

This is our current sofa.

CHESTER 3 seat sofa

Ours have black legs.

I think a darker grey arm chair with accents of colour would go well. Or something completely different to brighten up and break up the monotone.


After much deliberation we decided to go with this dining table. It fits our dining area and will go well with the floorboards which are a dark walnut shade. If we upgrade to a bigger place, this will make a stylish study desk.

And these are the chairs we are getting  to complete the dining set. Maybe.

Or it could be these…

To offset the dark and grey colours, I plan to inject the living spaces and bedroom with bold coloured accessories. Think Designers Guild, think Kate Spade, think Diane von Furstenburg.

Now the task is to allow my purse to stretch as far as my vision.

To be continued…

p.s. apologies for the late post. Still here in Sydney and still having a fabulous time.

I heart Union Jacks.


Ok, so onto nicer things tonight. I’ve had enough of furry creatures.

I’ve always had a penchant for all things Union Jack-y. Cushions, rugs, doorstops, throws, art prints, clothing etc. But I do wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I’m not British. I certainly wouldn’t like to adorn my house in Aussie flag accessories. A bit daggy, right? I love Australia, I really do. But the flag just does not do it for me, even though there is a Union Jack on it.

It’s Jubilee mania here in Blighty. Sixty years of monarchy by one lady is pretty impressive. Her relentless work ethic notwithstanding, her dress sense is pretty fab in my opinion. I loved her outfit for Prince William and Kate’s wedding. She completely outshone the young mothers (literally).

And frugal too! She re-wears the outfit to a trip to Oz. via mydaily.co.uk

Retailers have cottoned on and there are union jacked items on every shelf and enough bunting to go around Earth many times over. I’m only a monarchist by Commonwealth association, despite most people of my generation having republic sentiments (correct me if I’m wrong). But in order to support the community and all that jazz, I really should get stocking on some Jubilee related stuff…

via opi.co.uk

via opi.co.uk

I can envisage spending lazy Sunday afternoons reading on this…

via coxandcox.co.uk

And some cake to celebrate…

via waitrose.com

Amazing M already has her Jubilee dress:

And all for 8 quid! via asda.com

Something for the mother:

via riverisland.com

That’s it for me for now. I’m exhausted from the scrubbing and scrambling over mouse poo and traps.