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Frozen Kombucha Daiquiri

Add a ‘good-for-the-gut’ ingredient to a cocktail to make it healthy, or at the very least health-neutral. So I keep telling myself. Sounds logical, no? My friend, Abby – a wonderful cook and food blogger – pointed me in the right direction when I was after some inspiration for a blog post. My love of brewing kombucha + a need for a cocktail = Only…

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Swedish Ginger Tonic

I love ginger so much I married one. That was over 12 years ago and I gotta say, I’ve still got the feels for ginger. Thank you, Sofia* for this recipe conversion inspiration. My super sophisticated Swedish friend served this ginger tonic once at a breakfast gathering and it was love at first taste: spicy, pungent, sour and air passage-clearing. What more could a gal…

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Essential Minimalist Kitchen Tools

I’ve been a striving minimalist for a good few years now. I say striving because I’ve still got a couple of areas in our flat to declutter. But the kitchen has been kondo-ed! My obsession with having a sleek, white kitchen started in 2006 when I saw ‘the one’ in a Grand Designs episode. The owners designed a modern and clutter-free space where culinary dreams…

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