DM’s first European Half Marathon.

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Hey M!

Your mama is running the Frankfurt half marathon this Sunday. Although she isn’t 100% prepared for it (colds and miserable weather in Feb are the reasons and excuses she uses), she’s done pretty well overall. She has even given up on alcohol and chocolate for Lent. Now if that doesn’t impress you, God help you.

Let’s go back to speaking in the first person, cause it’s kinda getting weird and hard speaking about myself in the third for longer than a couple of sentences.

So yeah, the half marathon. 21.0975km. Huhhhhhhh. It’s long and it’s not that long. I’m hoping my body will execute what my mind wants it to do. The reasoning or maybe lack of sane reasoning for this challenge was to see if I could push myself a little. Somewhere in me is willpower. Stainless steel willpower. My seven plus months of raw veganism is a testament to that. I mean, can you imagine not eating bread for more than a week? Or pasta? Or chocolate? Or God forbid, wine? I did that for more that seven months, so I know have plenty of willpower.


This cake has nothing to do with the blog post, but I saw it and loved it and thought, ‘why not?’ via


But I’ve been lacking that stuff of late. I don’t know if it was the arrival of M or maybe I’ve just become lazy or less resolved about anything that has made any plans of sticking to a healthy eating and working out regime lacklustre. I’d set out on a radical health campaign only to quit it within the week. So this half marathon was a bit of an exercise (excuse the pun) to achieve two things at once: get my body pumping and to stretch the limits of my will power throughout winter. Come Sunday afternoon, I will have achieved a massive goal. Yoga is calling now.

Wish me luck!




Hello and goodbyes.

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Today was a gorgeous day in terms of the weather and the company. We went to the Fressgass in town for a farewell-do for one of the expat ladies I had the good fortune of meeting. I’m not going to freak her out by extolling all her virtues ( cos I know you’ll be reading this, L). I’ve not known her long, but she is A W E S O M E. And Amazing M is seriously crushing on her husband, the man with the “pretty, pretty hair”. Let’s hope we can make it to the U.S. at some point to visit her and her family and then go mad with the retail. DM is not happy with the pricing of US beauty products here in Germany or anywhere else that isn’t the U.S. for that matter <unimpressedfaceemoticon>.

Made some of these and created a flower bouquet for the leaving-do. Unfortunately I didn’t get to take a pic of it.

When we made the decision to come Frankfurt, I was quite happy about it. I knew that we, as a little family of three would make a really great life here. Yes, there would be challenges like learning the language (the grammar;don’t even…) and adjusting to a different culture. And of course there was the issue of leaving my gorgeous friends in London and having to start from scratch on the friendship scene. But I knew deep down that I would be able to find some delicious people to have some fun with. I just didn’t anticipate how delicious the people I’ve met are. Who knows what they think of me, but I’m so happy to have found the people I’ve met and gotten to know. Much laughter has been had and I’m thinking I need to top up on some heavy duty eye cream if I don’t want my mother to tell me to stop smiling so much (lest my crows feet show). It might have been the weinschorle, great company and warm weather combined but I must say that this afternoon, I felt the beginnings of love for Frankfurt. Let’s hope this feeling doesn’t wear off quickly as the alcohol!




Learning German.

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My head hurts. I’ve just come back from my first lesson from Goethe Institut <crosseyedfaceemoticon>.

First lesson nervousness has abated. I’m in a small class of eight who seem friendly and open and hopefully will be up for some bier drinking after a few more lessons.

We began our class by formulating personal questions with a partner. Things like, “What is your name?” “Where do you come from?” “What is your profession?” “What is your marital status?” and so on. In German. And then onto verb conjugation. Three hours spaeter, we students know a little bit about each other, know how to speak in present/past tense, and have some homework to do before we start again tomorrow. Three days a week times eight weeks later, I should be able to use speak well in German using proper grammar. Not DM grammar, which makes most nouns feminine (yes, German nouns have a male, feminine AND neutral article) with the use of DM past verb construction: Any part tense verb has a ‘ge’ put at the front and a ‘t’ thrown at the back. For example, if I want to say, “I baked a cake”, I might say, “Ich habe eine Kuchen gebacht”. Which is FALSCH, but I am pretty much understood by all.

Speaking German in this way will not do. I just don’t have a desire to speak half hearted German when I know I’ll be here for a while yet. So I’ll have to put some effort into learning and get used to a little bit of a head ache. I guess it’s a sign that my neurones are connecting again.

Hazy to you, too? It's what I see when I look at this verb conjugation table. via

Hazy to you, too? It’s what I see when I look at this verb conjugation table. via deliciousmother

And speaking English in class is verboten. Why am I not surprised? Our teacher will bring her English word jar next week and charge us 50 cents for each English word/phrase spoken. Huh.

Complaints aside, I am now proud to know how to say, “I ate currywurst and doener plate on the weekend.” and ” What does one wear to the opera?” in German. Correctly!