DM’s first European Half Marathon.

All things German

Hey M!

Your mama is running the Frankfurt half marathon this Sunday. Although she isn’t 100% prepared for it (colds and miserable weather in Feb are the reasons and excuses she uses), she’s done pretty well overall. She has even given up on alcohol and chocolate for Lent. Now if that doesn’t impress you, God help you.

Let’s go back to speaking in the first person, cause it’s kinda getting weird and hard speaking about myself in the third for longer than a couple of sentences.

So yeah, the half marathon. 21.0975km. Huhhhhhhh. It’s long and it’s not that long. I’m hoping my body will execute what my mind wants it to do. The reasoning or maybe lack of sane reasoning for this challenge was to see if I could push myself a little. Somewhere in me is willpower. Stainless steel willpower. My seven plus months of raw veganism is a testament to that. I mean, can you imagine not eating bread for more than a week? Or pasta? Or chocolate? Or God forbid, wine? I did that for more that seven months, so I know have plenty of willpower.


This cake has nothing to do with the blog post, but I saw it and loved it and thought, ‘why not?’ via


But I’ve been lacking that stuff of late. I don’t know if it was the arrival of M or maybe I’ve just become lazy or less resolved about anything that has made any plans of sticking to a healthy eating and working out regime lacklustre. I’d set out on a radical health campaign only to quit it within the week. So this half marathon was a bit of an exercise (excuse the pun) to achieve two things at once: get my body pumping and to stretch the limits of my will power throughout winter. Come Sunday afternoon, I will have achieved a massive goal. Yoga is calling now.

Wish me luck!




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