Simplicity, please.


I love stuff. I love beautiful and unnecessary stuff. Think Diptyque candles (Baies is my all time favourite), Alessi metallic fruit bowls which are waaaaaay too overpriced in my opinion, and beautifully made German wine glasses. And I don’t even drink that much wine (yet – give me time). I could go on about homewares but the blog post could span thousands of words before apparel is even mentioned.

And whilst I don’t consume a lot, I do spend a bit of my free time pondering over decorative items for the flat (unfortunately most items costing “say what??” a lot) or thinking how much more relaxed I’d be if the bathroom was adorned with dozens of previously mentioned candles (I’m thinking the WHOLE range) and luxury bath products. I could create a sanctuary to wash away the stresses of daily life, complete with lusciously fluffy and decadent gazillion euro towels. Deludedmother more like.

Now imagine this space with a massive bath in the middle. That's what I'm talkin' bout! via

Now imagine this space with a massive bath in the middle. That’s what I’m talkin’ bout! via

I know things don’t make one really happy. I know it. I experience happiness and unhappiness regardless of the stuff I have. Sometimes having too much stuff overwhelms me. I get irked when the flat is full of bits and bobs and really unnecessary stuff, but I’m not helping myself when I hold onto old dish towels my mother bought me (which I secretly loathe). Because obviously the dish towels represent my mother, and god forbid I chuck my own mum in the bin…

So yes, DM has a bit of de-cluttering to do, and even though living minimally is really the ideal, let’s start with binning a few things each day: What is not needed, used or loved goes!

Watch this (hopefully empty) space!!


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