Hello 2015.


I could offer many valid reasons as to why I’ve not blogged for a while, but I won’t. Suppose it was for the fact that blogging was not really on my priority list and the writing itch was just not itchy enough for me to indulge in scratching it.

Our little family has been bumbling along, experiencing lots of laughs, fights, tears, joy, frustrations, hopes and inspiration. You know, the normal stuff. All in all, we’re doing ok. No, we’re doing marvellously!

Even though some of my thoughts on what I’ve achieved in 2014 have been a bit average, I gotta acknowledge that I have done some mega stuff this year, including:

– relocating to Germany.

– learning the basics of the language. It is a special language, indeed. I have to cut myself some slack about my abilities. I took in total 23 days of half lessons, and I can understand most things. And I can complain. Auf Deutsch. So, I have to tame the high achieving, perfectionist Asianista in me and just relax.

– making new (and extremely fabulous) friends. So lucky to have met such amazing people here in Frankfurt. Looking forward to nurturing these relationships.

– And the most exciting and scary thing of all: registered myself as self employed!!

Though I don’t have any concrete New Year Resolutions, I hope for myself this year to make self care a priority. And doing lots of things that bring me joy! And drink more good wine (in moderation)!

Happy New Year!


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