October in a quickie post.

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Quick recap of the past few weeks: -Felt like I needed some intervention of some sort – whether it was alcoholic, therapeutic, medicinal or all of the above. I was homesick, I was tired, I was stressed and I was fighting the German grammatical rules like WW2. And I was very unimpressed with rudeness I encountered in Frankfurt. Boo. So thank goodness for… -A well needed long weekend in London for a friend’s wedding. It was so much fun. I drank and danced like I was 18. Thanks, P. It was an awesome wedding. I also squeezed in a get together-come-baby shower (not for me) with my delicious London mummy friends over some lobster, had a gut busting sushi feast at Roka and let’s not forget about the silly shopping spree.  Damn you, pretty things in London. German things are very robust and functional – pretty, they are not. Buyers for Kaufhof Galleria, you need to up your game. Some of the stuff you sell should not be allowed on your shelves. Just saying.


Amazing name card holders. Apparently Bride and Mother of the Bride spend hours spray painting and sawing these creatures. What we do for weddings, hey? via deliciousmother

– Finished German lessons for the year. Hurrah! Level A is completed. 🙂 – A lazy weekend with my lovely jubbly family. No plans, no stress. Lots of hummus, falafel and warm cinnamon scrolls (Zeit fuer Brot have amazing scrolls).


Came with warm pitta bread. At 8.50 euros a pop, it makes for a very delicious and filling meal for the family. Aroma is my favourite eatery of the moment (in Frankfurt). via deliciousmother

All this fun and frolic post manic and murderous moments means that I am feeling refreshed and ready for more fun, learning ( I will conquer you, German, god damn it!), eating, blog posting and more importantly, more baking!!


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