Slowing down.


Eek! It’s been a while since I last posted anything.

A few reasons:

– I was doing waaaay too much.

-Mr B was abroad for work for seven weeks (mon-fri) which is why I stuffed my calendar with stuff to do to keep myself busy, not feel lonely in a new city, getting by on my current level of German. Yes, I know Frankfurt is a very international city and everyone speaks English. But, I’m not into speaking English to a German person in a German shop. To assume that they should be able to communicate to me in a foreign language is a bit out of order, in my opinion.

-Mr B fell ill, then Amazing M, then Deliciousmother.

-Deliciousmother is not feeling so crash hot, due to a sudden breakout of those pesty things called pimples/spots/acne. Spots sound so much nicer to me, bordering on cute. Kind of. Anyway, it’s such a vain and petty thing to feel upset over, but that’s just how I feel. I’ve never had it worse than now, so I’m trying a few things to remedy it internally and physically by

S   L   O   W   I   N   G down, eating more healthily and getting the sleep that I have deprived myself in the past two months. Time to decrease the levels of cortisol. Yoga, gym and reading trashy books are in order.


Like my method of learning? 🙂

And even though I cleared the past week of things to do except for German lessons and getting over a cold, I managed to create some stress inducing situations over the past few days. Which is why I’ve decided to just have a lazy Sunday evening, play a bit, get on the blog and not do any German homework.

So that’s my fortnight in a nutshell.


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