I’m enough.

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This morning was just one of them mornings. You know the kind where everything and everyone irks you, especially your amazing kid and husband (who coincidentally just didn’t have their shizzle together). The volume of my voice reached shamefully high decibels at seven thirty in the morning. Why couldn’t M listen to me and sit down to eat the breakfast I prepared? Why couldn’t Mr B make her sit down and eat the breakfast I prepared? Why was Mr B complaining about the lack of yogurt selection in the fridge? Why couldn’t I control this anger that was spewing forth like a broken fire hydrant?? I did not like what I was projecting to the world. It was time for a breather and it was time to be kind to myself.

So I put off the housework and German homework to sweat it out in the gym. Whilst I was checking my emails, I came across this great video that was well needed by this undelicious mother. Enjoy!




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