Pink Cake, Blue Baker*.


Now that things are (fingers crossed) A-OK with the granddaddy, I feel I can blog about stuff again.

The past few weeks were jam packed full of studying, housework, socialising, worrying and baking. I volunteered my baking services to another expat lady who wanted a fondant cake for her daughter’s first birthday. Seeing some pics of my cakes changed her mind and I ended up baking this…

via deliciousmother

via deliciousmother

Six layers of vanilla butter cake frosted with vanilla butter cream. Took me a few hours and I thought it would be a good exercise to gauge how much one could make in selling cakes.

taken by said expat lady. via deliciousmother

taken by said expat lady. via deliciousmother

This ‘baker’* is blue is because I discovered this afternoon that I’m not legally allowed to sell cakes unless I have the title, ‘Konditorin’, which is the term used in Germany to describe a pastry chef. This involves three years of instruction and apprenticeship.

But that won’t stop me from baking. It just stops me from making any pocket money from a much loved hobby (for now). My pipe dream of bringing moist, sweet and yummy crumbs to many in Germany who aren’t too fond of German cakes may take a while longer. Boo!

*I am not a formally trained baker. I’m just describing myself as a ‘baker’ not “Baekerin” in this post because I partook in the act of baking. Just saying, as it seems Germans are very protective of titles. For good reason, but still…


One thought on “Pink Cake, Blue Baker*.

  1. Hi DM, I’m glad to hear that your dad is doing better!
    That cake looks amazing, you know I looove pink! And what a dumb rule, I’m always going to say yes to your contraband cakes!!

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