Learning German.

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My head hurts. I’ve just come back from my first lesson from Goethe Institut <crosseyedfaceemoticon>.

First lesson nervousness has abated. I’m in a small class of eight who seem friendly and open and hopefully will be up for some bier drinking after a few more lessons.

We began our class by formulating personal questions with a partner. Things like, “What is your name?” “Where do you come from?” “What is your profession?” “What is your marital status?” and so on. In German. And then onto verb conjugation. Three hours spaeter, we students know a little bit about each other, know how to speak in present/past tense, and have some homework to do before we start again tomorrow. Three days a week times eight weeks later, I should be able to use speak well in German using proper grammar. Not DM grammar, which makes most nouns feminine (yes, German nouns have a male, feminine AND neutral article) with the use of DM past verb construction: Any part tense verb has a ‘ge’ put at the front and a ‘t’ thrown at the back. For example, if I want to say, “I baked a cake”, I might say, “Ich habe eine Kuchen gebacht”. Which is FALSCH, but I am pretty much understood by all.

Speaking German in this way will not do. I just don’t have a desire to speak half hearted German when I know I’ll be here for a while yet. So I’ll have to put some effort into learning and get used to a little bit of a head ache. I guess it’s a sign that my neurones are connecting again.

Hazy to you, too? It's what I see when I look at this verb conjugation table. via

Hazy to you, too? It’s what I see when I look at this verb conjugation table. via deliciousmother

And speaking English in class is verboten. Why am I not surprised? Our teacher will bring her English word jar next week and charge us 50 cents for each English word/phrase spoken. Huh.

Complaints aside, I am now proud to know how to say, “I ate currywurst and doener plate on the weekend.” and ” What does one wear to the opera?” in German. Correctly!



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