A dirty weekend.

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It has indeed been a dirty weekend so far. As much as I would like to say it’s been of an amorous kind, I am more than happy to say it’s been of the gustatory kind.

Cue: Best Worscht in Town.

photo 2

Just before the lunch time rush. Via deliciousmother

We were running some errands this morning, when we passed by this institution: a little kiosk on Grueneburg Weg selling currywursts of varying degrees of spiciness, accompanied by various curry flavours. They are supposedly 100% meat and free from flavourings and additives.


I have eight more excuses to go back. source


B was not hot enough for the Korean tongue. Next time I’ll go for the mouth orgasm. 🙂 source

Mr B chose a mix of beef and pork currywursts of spiciness “B” with the “Old School Curry”.

photo 1

Is way more appetising than it looks. via deliciousmother

The wursts here are extremely popular. I’m told that it’s heaving with customers come lunch time, and so famous is this place for currywursts, they are often called on by event planners to cater to their upmarket clients at formal events. And now I know why! It was extremely tasty and I’m sure it will hit the spot whenever I get a strong desire for something spicy, meaty and not so healthy.

Sharing an adult’s meal package between the three of us meant that we desired a little more for our tummies. So off to Leipzig Strasse we cycled to share a doener teller. I know, I know, I went on about healthy and tasty food in my last blog post. In my defence, such was the extent of our morning cycle, I must have surely negated the wurst, plus the teller did come with salad, and potato (albeit, in the form of fries), so it’s all good!

photo 3

for five euros you can’t complain. via deliciousmother

I guess it’s something green, fresh and non-meaty for dinner.



2 thoughts on “A dirty weekend.

  1. OMG, looks delish, can we please go there when I visit you someday? (I really hope next year as my air fare staff discount expires in 2015!) I’m definitely getting the hottest/spiciest one F! And as a lover of spicy food, I know that SCU is schoville units, the measure of spiciness of food.

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