Courgette Carbonara (a la Abby).

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When it comes to cooking, I am just plain lazy and unadventurous. I stick to my basic repertoire of recipes. I just don’t get the same buzz about trying a new savoury recipe as I do with cakes. I knew I needed to explore, as one can only have so many Thai curries, pasta and meat (with three veg).

So imagine my delight when I met a lovely lady named Abby from the German expat ladies group. Perhaps she could encourage the inner cook in me? I’m not sure I even have an inner cook in me, but there’s always hope.

Abby, an ex-Londoner, is an amazing cook and blogs about food. Her blog is full of lovely recipes, photos of mouth watering dishes as well as accounts of eateries in cities she has travelled to.

When I came across her recipe for Courgette Carbonara, I just knew I had to try it out. And I thought I’d do the blog name justice by posting a blog about a delicious dish!




Granapadano, plate of salt, chilli flakes & basil, lemon juice courgettes, eggs, red onion, pasta Amazing M. It was hard to take pics with M wanting to touch everything. via delicousmother


via deliciousmother

via deliciousmother


DM – fresh, tasty and just lovely!

A super easy and healthy alternative to a carbonara that can sometimes be a bit too oily for my tastes. Will definitely make this again.

Mr B – healthy; if you made it again I’d eat it, with more cheese.

Mr B would have preferred more cheese, more salt, lots of cream and some bacon/meat. But he’s German so let’s not take his opinion on tasty and healthy food too seriously.

Amazing M-  Mmmm. Nice, mama? I don’t like it, mama.

The courgette ribbons put her off, but I did manage to get her to eat some of the pasta. Her taste buds are much like Mr B’s so unless its super cheesy and oily/creamy, she’s not very interested.

Please check out Abby’s blog here for the full recipe and other inspiring dishes.

Please comment below on any great food blogs or sources of easy, quick, healthy and tasty recipes!


4 thoughts on “Courgette Carbonara (a la Abby).

  1. Looks delicious! I would love it or do definitely will give it a go with gluten free pasta. Unfortunately hubby would also agree with Mr B and Amazing M – needs more cheese and meat xo

  2. Looks yummy! Maybe you should try zucchini fritters for M? I used to love those when I was little. It’s just the sliced zucchini dipped in egg and pan fried, with soy sauce to dip on the side. So easy and yummy. I have been looking at lots of Korean food blogs lately and been getting the in laws into Korean food. They now have little shopping lists for me when I go to the Korean supermarket!

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