Dinner time dramas.

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One of the hardest things for me to do, parenting wise, is to keep my calm when things don’t go to plan. Triple this when I’m a bit sleep deprived or feeling stressed out. Quadruple this when I don’t take the time to look after myself properly – by way of good food or lack of exercise and general me time.

And it's BIO sekt to boot. via deliciousmother

And it’s BIO sekt to boot. via deliciousmother

Let me shed light on why I have with me a glass of Sekt tonight. (Ooo! Look at me, I’m capitalising nouns in true German style!)

Backtrack. It was actually a really nice day, as a close London friend and her children visited us (thank you sooo much for the amazing orchid plant!!!). The kids played well together which gave us some time to catch up on all that had been going on since our move. That was until Amazing M’s wishes to play ball were rejected by my friend’s daughter. In true M style, out of frustration and ego bruising (she is a Leo, after all), she threw the ball into her friend’s face and refused to apologise. Great tactic, M. Wish I could do that every time someone said no to me.

And it kinda went downhill from there.

Dinner time this evening was particularly painful, especially as Mr B wasn’t present:

DM: Please sit down for dinner*, now.

Amazing M: I don’t want to. (Standing on the foot plate of her high chair).

DM: Please sit down for dinner, now.

Amazing M: Wait. Just a minute.

DM: Please sit down for dinner, now.

Amazing M: I wanna lick the Eis off the floor (drops of dried ice cream I didn’t see till she mentions it. She steps off the chair and bends down to lick it)

DM: No, that is disgusting(catching her just in time)

Amazing M: (Crying) I wanna lick the Eis!!!


Amazing M: Stop shouting at me!

DM: (Feeling very guilty) I’m really sorry, M. Mama didn’t want to shout at you but she got frustrated when you didn’t listen to her for the third time. I’m sorry. It’s dinner time, now.

Amazing M: I don’t like to eat salad…


And so it went.

Oh! And another thing – went to get some passport photos and made myself up to avoid a typical passport pic. You know, ones where you just induce smirks among customs officers. But all that effort produced picture of me looking like a police officer from a North Korean political poster. Don’t get me wrong, some of the ladies are beautiful (like this one). But the result was that I ended up getting what I wanted to avoid: a LOL passport photo.

It’s a wonder I’ve still got a lot of black hair.

On a positive note, she did end up eating a lot of the salad and a good portion of her ham and cream cheese roll. And on another positive note, Amazing M said I was pretty, come bath time. Am I too easy to please?


* in many German households, one warm lunch and a cold dinner is eaten (or vice versa). ‘Cold’ consists of cold cuts of meat, cheese, bread and melon/radishes/fish salad etc. When Mr B is away, this suits me fine as it means less cooking! Heck, I think it suits me fine even when he is here.



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