Potty training and sleep regression.

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The two go hand in hand, surely? Amazing M has been doing so well with weeing in the potty for the past week, but sleeping and pooing are being affected in ways I wasn’t prepared for. Whoever said parenthood never gets easier was right. Once you nail breastfeeding, weaning comes along. When you manage to get a good night’s sleep, they get ill. When they become as mobile as you wished for in the brain numbingly boring stage of the early months*, you realise that you need to be constantly vigilant. And when they start to finally talk, you better keep your temper and cussing in check because they become a little parrot.


The Pourty is the best potty invention as it is carefully designed to minimise or eliminate spillage when emptying out! via deliciousmother.

And now, we are at the stage of poo refusal for reasons I can’t quite comprehend, coupled with constant calling out during the night for milk or water or mama. Huh. M’s gas is passing me out. Please, for the love of God and my sanity, poo and sleep!

Take a deep breath. It’s only sleep… And it will pass. It will pass. It has to pass.

*I am one of those mums who didn’t particularly like the new born and early stages. 




2 thoughts on “Potty training and sleep regression.

  1. Potty training is “an event” that should never coincide with other stressors in a child’s life; having said that, children have stressful lives around age 2. They have to learn to speak in sentences, jump, climb, run, kick, throw, break things…it’s all stress.

    So – when your fabulously talented and, sorry to say it, manipulative wunderkind begins to regress in one area it is because all of their brain power and concentration and focus and energy is going toward successful completion of the new task.

    Yes, sleep regression is common with potty training. Luckily, sleeping through the night and using the potty are both big kid tasks so you can positively reinforce both. And don’t be afraid to use a little negative reinforcement. If your nights start to feel like you’ve got a newborn in the house then Amazing M needs to realize that only baby activities are available for play. No videos, no electronics, no play dates…

    Luckily, kids are smart – they know how to make their lives better and if you are consistent about your reinforcements amazing M will learn quickly to get with the program of potty training!

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