Shift happens.

Parenting & Musings

Well, I’ve been comfortably and not so comfortably sitting with my feelings of blah these past few days. I think when you’re feeling like this, it’s not just the negative state that causes you pain. It’s the obvious absence of joy that also gives you more to feel shit about.

But this time around, I just sat with it. I didn’t try to run away from it or try to put on a happy face or EFT away myself into happiness. This weekend was family time and being kind to me time. I spent time playing with M with a concerted effort to be present in every moment of being bossed around by her and actually shared a few laughs; drank some coffee (decaffeinated, of course); read some self-help books which were a bit grating at times; chatted about nothing profound with Mr B; listened to some hypnotherapy podcasts; did a bit of Qi Gong which was supposed to relax me but did the complete opposite- but I still sat with the discomfort and completed the exercises; went to the gym; ate some delicious home cooked lasagne  al-a-Mr B (which was ridiculously good); and did some more moping about, noticing my thoughts and worries without as much condemnation as would normally be the case.

And slowly but surely, I am feeling a little shift out of blahness.




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