Things to look forward this A/W.

Parenting & Musings

I am writing this as I need to psych myself up for the seasons I love the least. My skin and bones were not made for European winters (unless you count the Canary Islands). Whilst I love the dampness of England (it’s super for my dehydrated skin), I am not too fussed about the cold.

So what is there to look forward to?

Our German White Christmas



Unfortunately, Mr B is not a distant relative of German royalty so we won’t be enjoying our gluhwein in Neuschwanstein. Luckily for us, the PIL are crazy over Christmas and we are going to make the most of our week of eating and relaxing. No cooking, cleaning or toddler parenting.

Bridget Jones’ Diary (3)

A tiny bit of me died when I found out that Mr Darcy was killed off. I do understand why it had to be done as Bridget’s diary would not have been interesting if she was happily married to the man I would’ve forked if he were real and I was unmarried (and if he’d have me). In any case, I’m looking forward to reading something other than ‘Stress Free Potty Training’. Which brings me to…

Nappy-free M


So cute! I wonder if they come in my size… via

I am envisaging M in her cute little knickers asking ever so politely if she could go wee-wee. Focus on the outcome, not the process. Repeat to self.


Not only does the cold weather mean I can wear this useful piece of attire, it can also hide a multitude of sins.

Cuddles with Mr B

Any excuse to squeeze my squeeze will do. Amazing M does take up a lot of our couple time. What am I saying? Amazing M takes up most of our couple time. I dream of a scene like this…




Mr B and I have wanted to go to a show for a while, so hopefully we will get an opportunity this year.

Learning the steps to “Single Lady”

A girlfriend suggested going to a three class course in getting our grooves on Beyonce style. I hope we’ll get to learn how to twerk.

What are you looking forward to this A/W?


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