My kid swears.

Parenting & Musings

I must swear more than I think I do.

Back in good old days of breast feeding, I prided myself on my (relatively) clean vocabulary.  Somehow, ever so gradually, cussing has become a habit and Amazing M’s vocab is peppered with ‘SHIT’s.


Mr B often plays with the duplo set with M on the weekends. His enthusiasm to make large towers  is quite cute. His efforts to make stable buildings often fail and when it does, the word, ‘shit’, inevitably gets used.

So now M thinks that shit is a verb that describes the action of separating duplo blocks; something to say when you drop something; and something to repeatedly say when mama sternly asks, “What did you say?”.

We reckon Amazing M is pretty smart. She takes after both her parents 😛

We do know, however, she is not so advanced in speaking and that works to our advantage. There is time yet to clean up our sailor mouths and avoid severe embarrassment. Lead by example, mummy!




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