Learning from my kid.

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The past few weeks have been a little manic. Amazing M’s birthday was a big reason, as well as having some social engagements as a fam.

Friends from Sweden came to help celebrate M’s 2nd birthday, which was just so nice. I almost shed a tear when I greeted them at the door. Old friends are the best friends, in my opinion, and I feel so blessed to have spent some time with them later on in the week.

M's birthday cake made by deliciousmother!

M’s birthday cake made by deliciousmother!

Now that I’m bumbling along with no cake to bake or party to plan,  I’m feeling a little uninspired. I know I’ve fallen off the spiritual bandwagon for some time now – I’m getting pissed off more easily, I’m not as optimistic about certain things in my life and I am starting to berate myself.

A visit to an ashram or spiritual teacher would be marvellous, but I’ve realised that my best teacher is right in front of me : M.

She has no concept of real time. Well, she knows when it’s bed time or nap time. But there is no past or future for her. Her reality is taken one second at a time. And so the intention of the week is to relax with M; be fully aware of the moment and the sensory experience it brings. Who knew there would be life lessons in tea parties and eating plastic artichokes.

I love you, M!


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