Our Thailand Holiday.

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Finally, back in front of the computer with some blogging time. It’s been quite a busy month due to spending some time in Germany with Amazing M’s Oma und Opa after coming back from our holiday in Thailand. As well as the normal boring stuff like laundry, party planning (M is turning two soon!) and blog-procrastinating.

A HUGE happy birthday shout out to Ms AJK and Ms Diva Yakult. I’m really sorry that I couldn’t celebrate your day of amazingness with you so I will send you this cake virtually…

via lunchpailsandlipstick.com

via lunchpailsandlipstick.com

Our holiday in Thailand was our best thus far, notwithstanding two bouts of D&V and a back injury between the two adults.

First stop was Bangkok. A quick three night stay in the bustling city to set our body clocks in preparation for some serious relaxation on the unspoiled island of Kho Yao Noi.

The Shangri La

This traditional hotel has two wings: Shangri La and the Krungthep. The former is modernised, big, and loud in a Kardashian kinda way, and the latter is quiet and old school. The decor is very Dynasty with its burnt orange marble, but somehow it works. We chose to stay in the quieter quarters but had full access to the newer wing and its facilities.

Our view from the room. via Deliciousmother

Our view from the room. via deliciousmother.com

Our daily activities consisted of eating, swimming, relaxing. And afternoon tea-ing, and pre-dinner cocktail & hor d’eouvres eating. And an obligatory 90 minute Thai massage. And a session at the gym after spotting something not very pleasant in the mirror.

Ok, so not the most exciting photo, but this chocolate marshmallow was the most delicious marshmallow I have ever eaten. So I just had to take a picture of  one. via deliciousmother

Ok, so not the most exciting photo, but this chocolate marshmallow was the most delicious marshmallow I have ever eaten. via deliciousmother.com

Mr B and I aren’t really adventurous when it comes to exploring cities. We love to relax and eat, and will travel many hours and go through a whole lot of stress to do so. It sounds a bit non-sensical, but living in a place where grey skies and cold weather is the norm, you have to understand the crazy we go through just to lie on a sunny beach.

Leaving Bangkok without doing something touristy would have been a bit silly, so we hopped on a river boat with Amazing M strapped in her buggy to look at some temples and market shopping. What I noticed when looking around the market was that the vendors were extremely relaxed. No pushing and trying to get a sale out of you. It was almost as if they didn’t care for a sale which suited Mr B and I just fine. We didn’t fancy any second hand plastic Pikachu clocks, anyway.

via deliciousmother.com

via deliciousmother.com

Six Senses Yao Noi

After a short hour flight to Phuket and a taxi ride to the marina, we hopped on a boat to sail to Koh Yao Noi.


via deliciousmother.com

The forty minute boat ride was beautiful. All we could see was an expanse of blue sea and a few distant islands before we approached our destination. I knew I was in for an utterly blissful time when I saw the villas as we sailed into the pier.


via mrandmrssmith.com

We were introduced to our GEM (butlers, basically – but stand for general entertainment manager) and whisked away to our villa in a buggy.

Our Villa

If I could bottle the glee I felt when the front gate of our villa open, I don’t think I’d need to eat so much chocolate. The endorphin and oxytocin rush sprung forth as I processed what was to be our place of relaxation for the next nine nights.

I will let the photos speak for themselves.


via mrandmrssmith.com

via mrandmrssmith.com

via mrandmrssmith.com


via mrandmrssmith.com

via airows.com

via airows.com

We had the luxury of our own coffee machine and wine fridge as well as a surround sound system throughout the whole villa.

We made use of the sound system with DVD films borrowed from The Library. However, it probably wasn’t the best idea to watch The Impossible, a film about a family who survived the Tsunami in Thailand. I kinda freaked out a little after watching it. It was a great movie and now I have a greater understanding of the the enormity of the disaster. I tend to live in a bubble sometimes. When something is physically so removed from your situation, it is easier to just brush off as an “it’s such a terrible thing” thing and then fret about something banal a few moments later. But note to self: do not watch disaster movies when in a natural disaster prone country.

Amazing M had the pleasure of swimming thrice daily.  Great fun and convenient that we could do it in the pleasure of our own villa. But let me tell you this: do not peek into the swimming nappy when the child is in the pool.


Thai food perfection in The Den, The Living Room and The Hilltop Reserve. Staff were attentive and knowledgable. They absolutely loved M to pieces and she got lots of cuddles and treats from them.

photo 2-1

The Den. The soft noodles were AMAZING. via deliciousmother.com

via ihavenotbeenthere.com

The Living Room via ihavenotbeenthere.com

The HIlltop Reserve via sublimetravel.co.uk

The HIlltop Reserve via sublimetravel.co.uk

Breakfast was in true Six Senses style: silly amazing. Thai food, Western food, ice cream and even Indian food. Yes to Pad Thai for breakfast!

photo 4

via deliciousmother.com

photo 1

via deliciousmother.com

photo 2

via deliciousmother.com


As I said earlier, doing stuff other than eating, working out or doing yoga was totally out of the question. Amazing M was just a cheap excuse to get out of doing some exciting things like exploring James Bond Island or chartering a yacht around the islands. Who am I kidding, if I could charter a yacht, I wouldn’t be here blogging about our dream holiday. I’d be living it…

photo 1-1

via deliciousmother.com

Imagine doing yoga here every day…I’d be so relaxed and Mr B and I would never bicker.

via sixsenses.com

via sixsenses.com

The Spa

Ultimate bliss! We had three massages each and I enjoyed every luxurious minute of it. Even the ‘detox’ one where I couldn’t help giggling during treatment as I have ticklish thighs.

via sixsenses.com

via sixsenses.com

The Beach

Quiet, sandy, warm. Laugh at you will at the obvious, but sandy beaches are rare in England.  I’m a little upset with how little time I spent there.

via sixsenses.com

via sixsenses.com

The Hilltop Reserve

If I could, I would plonk my flat little ass here and never leave. Just so you know, I would prefer to have a booty like Beyonce, but you can’t change them genes…

via six senses

via six senses

The Gallery

A very cute shop where we frequented often for fun.

via deliciousmother

via deliciousmother.com

The Conclusion

Best holiday ever. It’s beyond my bed time and it’s showing in my blogging, but I’ve been putting this off for so long I don’t care. I’m coming back, Six Senses Yao Noi. You better make up some extra green tea ice cream for me. I forgot to mention that they have thirty flavours to devour all day. For FREE!!!


One thought on “Our Thailand Holiday.

  1. Thank you for the bday wishes! And happy bday to you Ms Diva Yakult!

    And a very big happy bday to M! Big hugs and kisses beautiful! Be sure to email me photos from the party, I’m so looking forward to those.

    So jealous of your trip, seeing what I was missing out on while I was at work! Work is going well, very busy but productive which I’m ok with. Fingers crossed it will be my turn for an o/s trip soon! Miss you guys! xo

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