Back to blogging and baking.

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I hope I stay on the blogging wagon for a while. The month of non-blogging was for several reasons:

1) had to do some shadowing work for four days a week for the past three weeks, therefore

2) I was knackered beyond belief

3) I was way too concerned about changing my skin care regime and spending most of my online time on Caroline Hirons’ blog 

4) I was a bit lazy!

So, whilst my blog post compilation has not increased, my skin feels amazing (thank you Caroline!!) and I’ve realised most working mothers of young ones have stamina and will power I am not so sure I possess.

Before and during my blog sabbatical I was getting into some baking and rediscovered my love of baked desserts. Here are my works of ‘art’…

My cakes    via

My cakes

They are not perfect, but bear in mind it was the first attempt at proper icing. My favourite one is the one on the bottle left. I call it the Areola cake.

And here is a rose ombre cake I made for a local fund raising event.



Out of my many pipe dreams, owning a cute, little pastel bakery is one of them! Like this one:

Hope you have had a great month!


2 thoughts on “Back to blogging and baking.

  1. Love the ombre cake!

    One of my workmates turned 18 a couple of months ago (yes, I felt uber tragic and old and then kind of immature cus I get on really well with her and we love so many of the same things….) and she asked me for a suggestion for where she can get a nice bday cake that is not, like, Michel’s Patisserie. I showed her the ruffle cake you emailed me and she LOVED it. But then got sad when I told her you made it and you lived overseas 😦 Oh well, maybe you’ll be back here for good when it’s her 21st?! *please move back*

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