Rejection bites.


Well, the past week was tiring both physically and emotionally. My lacrimal glands got a nice workout when I was told that I was not accepted on the university course at UCL. In the words of my dear pal Ms AJK, “How dare they?!”




I would not be the only one who worked for next to nothing to prove that I wanted to work as a speech and language therapist. Some of my fellow applicants had to quit paid work in order to do voluntary work in this field. And yet they still did not get a chance at an interview.

Deep down, really deep down, I know that Life has my back. I am moving towards something amazing (career wise).  But on the surface my ego is bruised and pride squashed.

I still have hope. There is one more university I am waiting on and I hope it is good news.


2 thoughts on “Rejection bites.

  1. Yes, how dare they!!
    Hope you had a great weekend. S is there atm, hope you guys get a chance to catch up.
    Wish I was there too! Hanging with you and M xoxo

    1. We had a very cosy weekend. Mr B entertained M while I caught up on some Les Mis reading. I have now finished the book and shed a tear or two at the last paragraph. Miss you loads.xoxo

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