Quickie Post.


It’s been a few days since my last post and I’ve been itching to get blogging. Amazing M is now doing “independent play” (ha!) so I’m going to quickly summarise what we’ve been up to and discovered:

a) one house viewing in the burbs. More like blurghsbs. It’s anathema to me but you know what? One day I will reside in one. But hopefully in a house with awesome views or one with a cellar.

b) Amazing M can turn on the television if you ask her to. Ask her to turn it off and she will shake her head and stamp her feet. So cute.

c) Amazing M profusely shakes her head and runs away when you ask her if she’s done a poo poo. My nose knows she’s done one. We all know she’s done one.

d) saving my pennies. I have resisted all temptations to go into Gap (currently they have a nice sale). M is just gonna have to wear one of her outfits again. And again. And again.

e) exercising! Yay! I’ve been to the gym and on many walks with my Chung Shi shoes. This mumma is getting fit again.



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