New year, new habits.


So 2013 is upon us all and I suppose many of you have made and already broken some resolutions.

I know if I am to make some awesome things happen this year, I have to work at it.

Mr B and I have had a few not so nice moments in the past week. Tensions about where we are going to settle down and other boring marital stuff that got in the way of our bliss. Ego driven thoughts led to yucky words and bad vibes. Not cool.




So we’ve made some resolutions to make 2013 a spectacular year:
– be kinder to each other

– decrease cussing and un-PC remarks

– apologise more

– flush the toilet after peeing in the middle of the night (Mr B, not me!)

– be more engaging with Amazing M – I think we are doing a great job, but there’s always room for improvement

– less internet time

– no reality tv … I don’t know how long this is going to last but it’s worth a try

– invest time and effort in getting fit

– spend less and save more (am currently on a 100 day spending ban- apart from food and sundries like nappies etc)

– cut down on food wastage

My own personal resolutions:

-speak the truth. A pathological liar I am not. But when friends or family ask me for my thoughts, I will try my best to speak the truth, even if it means people get hurt or disappointed. I think this is the toughest resolution as I hate saying no, disappointing others and saying not-so-nice truths. NO MORE PEOPLE PLEASING!!

– love me more. 2012 was a year I think I criticised myself less than three times. That’s a pretty spectacular feat, I reckon. I know people who slag themselves off more than three times an hour. It’s not to say that I’m perfect as we all know that nobody is. I have lots of things I’d love to work on. But self criticism isn’t necessary. It never is.

-just do it. By that I mean less thinking and more action. Fear is the stumbling block that keeps me from achieving wonderful things. Can I look through the possibilities of failure, rejection and humiliation to see that success and fulfilment is also another possibility?

Happy new year, everyone. Let’s make it an amazing year.