Merry Christmas!


I truly hope you have all had a delicious Christmas Day whether with family, friends, partners or alone.  I had this awesome patient who was in her late seventies who spent many a Christmas Day alone in style – medieval style. She told me that her Christmases involved devouring a whole chicken with her bare hands and chucking the bones backwards over her head where strategically placed newspaper pages would ensure clean flooring. Although she was alone, she made sure she had a great day, even if it meant picking up the chicken remnants afterwards.


A real Christmas tree (not plastic).

Germans celebrate their Christmases on the evening of the 24th. It was, as usual, a lovely affair with gift opening preceding a feast of venison, Champagne and good wine. Amazing M had so much fun opening her gifts and we adults had more fun watching her excited expressions as she discovered her new possessions. She is one lucky toddler who has many people in her life that adore her to bits.

Christmas time may come with its stresses of gift finding, meal preparation and mixing with family members that inspire dread, fear and nerve damage (fortunately I have lovely family members that I actually like). But this time is special for me because it allows me to slow down, appreciate the physical and non-physical abundance in my life and spend many hours just being with the fam. Plus it gives me the best excuse to eat and drink as much as my stomach can handle which is a bonus.

Both Mr B and I have discussed our need to change some things in our daily habits to experience a richer and fuller life. Often we spend our hours together not really connecting because of our technophiliac ways. He is on the laptop or iphone while I am cruising the virtual world through the ipad. This is clearly not healthy. A plan to make an inspiring, economical and environmentally kind 2013 is being formulated. Watch this space…

Have a wonderful Boxing Day!








2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

    1. Of course, moderation is healthy! The internet and its abundant sources of information is helpful. But I am finding that once M goes to bed, I spend a lot of time online and not enough time actually connecting with Mr B.

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