Wasn’t sure I wanted to post anything about the feelings and thoughts I had about what happened at Sandy Hook Primary School last week. It was just tragic. An e-newsletter I received from Cheryl Richardson was very comforting. She had the following things to say about some Universal Truths:

Love outshines hate.  As I watch the outpouring of love and kindness from around the globe, it’s evident that love is our natural default – a state we automatically turn to during the most challenging times.

We are all connected.  The pain or sadness you feel in your heart for families you don’t even know is evidence of a profound, universal connection we share with one another.

Love transcends borders.  Here’s a beautiful example in this photo of Pakistani children lighting candles for the children in Newtown.  Whenever tragedy strikes, we see that, overall, the deepest core of humanity is inherently good.

We know our priorities.  At the end of the day, what we value most of all – more than success, money, fame, or accomplishments of any kind, are people.  It’s people who matter when all else falls around us.

We look for positive change.  The conversation about gun control, the need for early detection and treatment of mental illness, or the most effective ways to keep people safe, all demonstrate our desire to turn tragedy into meaningful change.  It’s important to remember, however, that conversation is not enough.  We need to do our part to promote action.

Whether you feel deeply affected by the events in Connecticut, overwhelmed by the holiday season, fearful of the Mayan calendar craziness, or just plain exhausted, please allow these universal truths to bring you some peace.

I guess a wasted weekend is not that bad after all…


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