Parenting & Musings

For little babies and young toddlers, I am an advocate of stay at home parenting. I understand that most do send their children to nursery because living on one income is not enough nor a long career break feasible. You have to do what is best for the whole family.

But having said that, I believe that the best a parent can do is ensure that their young child is thriving in a stable, loving and caring environment with people that genuinely know how to engage with and care for them. Often times that is at home with one of the parents, or close relative such as granny (that is just my opinion, and what you do with your child and why is none of my business or concern). But sometimes it’s at a nursery or with a nanny. No point in staying home with babe if you have clinical depression – no one benefits.

Now M is at a stage where I feel she would benefit from being away from mummy each week (well, really if I am being completely honest it is the other way around). It will be a nice transition to start with a few hours a week and work up to full time by the time she is two.


Which is why I am nursery hunting for when Amazing M turns 18 months. Some offer half days which is great. Four hours of play time for Amazing M, while mummy gets four hours to just be non-mummy per week sounds lovely. Sounds cruel but I have to be selfish at times. Selfishness gets such bad press, but think about the extremely selfish people that you know. They are often the ones who don’t seem stressed, get ill or worry. The subject of healthy selfishness needs to be written in another post.

I hope I can find a nice place for M. Fingers crossed!


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