Feeling blah about being mummy.

Parenting & Musings

Is it ok for me to say that I’m not enjoying being a deliciousmother right now? I know that mothers do so much and I’m providing so much for Amazing M: love, security, routine, laughs, kisses and cuddles and lots of cheese. Which is pretty much a prerequisite of being an emotionally stable, confident and wonderful adult. But I kinda feel my neurones are withering away. And the London weather and short days are getting to me.

The past week seemed to go on for decades and I was doubting my magnificence as a mother as I relied a lot on Cbeebies.

What I really need is an injection of warm weather, sun on my body and a really nice Daniel Craigesque butler tending to my every wish (as much as matrimonial vows allow). I just want to press pause on being mum and doing mummy stuff for a week. Am I allowed to feel that way?


This is what I am talking about…


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