Mama 1 : Toddler 0

Parenting & Musings

Hello again!

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with just doing mummy stuff, Bowen training and looking after an unwell toddler. Thankfully, Amazing M’s temperature is back to normal and she is eating again.

I am so proud of myself today : I didn’t give in to M’s tantrum this morning. And I got her do to what I wanted to her do, which was to eat the porridge I had so lovingly made for her breakfast. Hooray!

It was the classic “I’m not eating this mumma, and I’m gonna throw this bowl across the table and wail till I get my banana!” kind of routine. Well, I wasn’t having any of it this morning. I had had a really rough week tending to her 24/7 for the past five days.

I took her out of her highchair and waited. She cried and writhed on the floor for a while. Realising that I was not reacting, she got up, walked to the kitchen and wailed some more. I decided to take her into our bedroom to distract her. When I sat her down next to the bed, she tugged at my top for some num num. I refused and luckily Mr B distracted her with the hairdryer.

Ten minutes later, she was eating my porridge. My little M may be stubborn, but she gets that from her mother who is the queen of stubbornness.


After breakfast and some play time we had a lovely bath together. She slipped backwards and swallowed a lot of water at one point.  And now she is blissfully napping away while I get some down time in front of the computer. Thank goodness for that!



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