Home is…


There have been many heated discussions as to where Mr B, Amazing M and myself are going to settle.

Sydney is the dream place for me. My beautiful family and friends are there and the weather is much more welcoming than Blighty.

Then there are Mr B’s folks to think about. He is their only child. I don’t want to be the cause of their heartache of having their son 10000 miles away.

I used to think about this with a heavy heart, but I’m slowly coming to the realisation that Life will lead me to the best place for our awesome little family. It’s not that easy for a recovering control freak to do. It’s a huge leap of faith to just throw my hands up and say “Hey, I give up with the thinking. I know it’s gonna work out. I trust you will lead me to a fulfilling and joyous life wherever that may be.”


Life has given me so many exciting and wonderful experiences so far- more than I have ever dared to dream. I have to trust that the fabulousness will continue wherever we end up.


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