Ten reasons why I love Koh Samui.

Food & Travel

1. The airport is just amazing – unlike any airport I’ve been to. It looks and feels like an outdoor shopping outlet, with nothing but a few collapsable hedges and barriers that stand between you and the official borders of the island.

2. It is home to the two resorts we stayed at: Santiburi and Six Senses.

Our pool villa at Santiburi. Deliciousmother ©


3. The service is simply amazing. None of the affected smiles you get in places where oppression is rife. The people are truly helpful and friendly:

**Upon arrival at the airport, the Santiburi team escorted us from the airport. With cool, wet lemongrass infused towel offered to us in the car, I really felt like royalty. This is probably normal for most experienced Asian resort holiday goers, but it was something new to me.

**I took a cooking class at the Santiburi Resort. After learning that galangal is not easy to find in Europe, the chef had 1kg of the sliced root flat packed to take back home with me on departure.

**My housemaid  at Santiburi had a new zip for my dress after hearing that it needed to be replaced – all within the hour.

**Our butler at Six Senses travelled into town for us to get some much needed nappies and wipes.

**When the spa menu says 90 minutes, they really mean 90mins. None of this “Oh, I’ll come back in a few minutes to let you get undressed” business, where you end up waiting about 10 mins for the therapist to come back.

4. Thai people don’t do anger. It’s part of their culture and ways of being. I love that you are seen to lose face if you show anger. Great for wound up city folks like me who need to relaaaazzzz once in a while.

5. The weather. Warm, sunny, humid (great for your skin). Not like London.

6. The child friendliness of the place. I don’t mean OH&S. The roads are not suitable for prams and the people don’t really concern themselves with car seats and the like (I saw a two year old wedged between mum and dad on a motor cycle, none of them wearing a safety helmet), but Amazing M got so much warm affection and attention from everyone we met. It was truly lovely.

7. The food. I could eat Thai for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Maybe not all year round, but I definitely took advantage of the great resort restaurants. Who could say no to eggs benedict, Thai style?

Mr B refused to give me the camera to take pics of this delectable dish. Deliciousmother ©

Our view from “Dining on the Rocks” restaurant at The Six Senses- Deliciousmother ©

Dining on the Rocks via Six Senses Samui

8. The fact that you could get a massage for £5. For a whole hour! Where do the tiny ladies find the strength to stretch and pummel me to fifty shades of sore? If you are wondering about the ethics of paying so little for so much, rest assured that it’s not slave labour. In Thailand, you can buy a whole kilogram of king prawns for that.

9. The people. Always hospitable and friendly. The street/beach sellers walked on peacefully when we smiled and shook our heads to indicate that we weren’t interested in buying their wares.

10. Did I mention the food and weather?

You may not believe that a holiday with a child can ever be relaxing. Despite the strict nap time keeping and almost constant vigilance with M, I left Thailand feeling refreshed, truly relaxed and actually looking forward to continuing the ‘normal’ life in London. Bring on the laundry! I thought as I said my goodbyes.

P.S. for some reason I cannot load more of my pics as they do not exist according to iphotos… will sort that out some time.




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