M’s dol.

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I am back to blogging. Holidays over, move officially completed and phone/internet finally restored. I have no more reasons why I shouldn’t be updating you with my musings other than sheer laziness. This deliciousmother does not do laziness (ahem!).

The past three months have been extremely busy. Family gatherings, dol organising, baby shower, meet ups with friends, more family gatherings and meals, lazing about in Thailand , moving residences, visit from the in laws and Oktoberfesting in Munich has left me yearning for the simple life and in need of some decent sleep.

Amazing M’s Dol was great. So many friends came to celebrate, and the dol sang (table) turned out quite nice.  I was a little too obsessed enthusiastic about getting the perfect cake at very short notice, but somehow my mantra of “everything is turning out the way I want it to” worked. I got the cake I wanted (for M, of course!).

Too pretty to cut and eat, but it had to be done. A nice chocolate mud filled with chocolate ganache.

The dol table was supposed to be simple. Rice cake, fruit and a cake. Instead, I lost myself on Pinterest and google images and my ego drove me close to despair- with the result being …

The dol table. And now you know what M stands for.

I thought the candy jars were very cute.

In keeping with tradition, we had rice cakes and placement of fruits on the dol sang (table).

Traditional rice cakes take their place on the dol table.

Those painted wooden letters hang on M’s nursery now.

Food was by a caterer as we knew it was unrealistic to cook for forty adults and children.

Korean style food.

The doljabi boards were fun to make. M chose the apple which symbolised health- I didn’t want to limit it to a stethoscope. What if she wants to become a dentist/psychologist/physiotherapist/allied health professional? Miss Diva Yakult guessed correctly which one M would choose.

Doljabi board.

A big thank you to mum and dad for hosting and to all my friends for making it such a special day.  Gifts were amazing, by the way. Thank you so much.

Next post: Thai-rrific adventures in Koh Samui.

Just had to put in that pun.


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