A girly night out sans hubby and baby!

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A couple of nights ago I was invited to go to the Australian Fashion Festival by a lovely girlfriend. Held at the beautiful Sydney Town Hall, tickets provided not only great seats to the show but also a peek at the backstage goings on in preparation for the event. Extremely slender models with vertiginous heels aplenty, we were given a great show by designers I have never heard of. Goes to show how ‘with it’ I am with Oz fashion.

The really fun part for me was the after show event. There were promotional stands by brands sponsoring the event, which allowed us to get posing for fun pictures in silly accessories (we went for the Dame Edna sunglasses and feather boa) as well a lip colour make over and goody bags filled with products. I opted for a bright red lippy which was very fun, but it’s going to take me a while to get brave enough to wear it out full time.

So inspired by this fashion frenzy fun that I have resolved to attend London’s Fashion Week 2013!


2 thoughts on “A girly night out sans hubby and baby!

  1. An awesome night out! Thank you for coming with me, it was an amazing night with an amazing woman! So much fun, loving the stuff in the gift bag. Love you DM! xo

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