Why I love Sydney.

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For the beautiful family I have here.

For my marvellous friends that live here.

For the beautiful weather. Even in Winter, the days are bright and warm and uplifting.

For the exceptional service I encounter everywhere I go (well, almost everywhere. Compared to parts of Europe, I cannot complain).

For the great Asian food. By Asian, I don’t mean central Asia but south eastern Asia, a.k.a. sweet and sour/rice/noodles/kimchi/sushi etc. “Oriental” as it is known in the U.K. just seems outdated and verging on being offensive. No one under the age of 90 says that they are going to the Orient on holidays. Please catch up with the rest of the world, United Kingdom.

For the great egalitarian and non class-ist culture in society. Britain is obsessed with labelling and defining one’s sense of importance in social circles by how educated, rich or posh one is. It doesn’t really matter in the end. Unless you’re the queen, we’re all plebs.

For the beaches. Bondi, Manly, Freshwater, Palm, Coogee. I want to be a Sydney seagull in another life.

For the lovely wake up call that chirping birds give me at dawn.

For the traffic light abiding culture that is so absent in London.

I love you, Sydney. I know you love me, too. I hope one day my family and I can settle down into your loving arms and call you our home sweet home. Soon.

Source: google.fr via Sabine on Pinterest       Another reason why I love Sydney.


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