DM + Mr B X 24/7 = ?


Mr B has been home for the last few weeks and it has been so nice for a multitude of reasons. For one thing, I like the guy. He’s my best friend and a fabulous father so of course I’m thrilled to have at home 24/7 a babysitter/cook/cleaner who makes me laugh. He’s a gorgeous man (most of the time) and I’m grateful for this time as he gets to deepen his relationship with M. With all the cuddles and kisses we force upon her, this baby knows she’s loved!

Yet this sudden increase in contact time with the other half had initially caused a few tiffs. Can’t even remember what they were about, really. One was about money but the rest were over some banal thing I’m sure.

Root causes:

a) expecting Mr B to know how I’m feeling

b) expecting Mr B to have the same mind set as me

c) being angry about something else but misdirecting that anger at Mr B

d) Mr B being insensitive

e) me being insensitive

f) blowing things out of proportion and making a Real Wives of London-esque drama out of nothing.

Basically it comes down to a lack of unemotive communication, unrealistic expectation, and letting the ego take control. I think I love problem solving so much that without ‘problems’, my ego must have felt a bit deflated and took any opportunity it needed to create a problem to solve.

Many talks, meditations and deep breaths later, we are at a place where having Mr B at home full time with us is immensely precious and drama free (well, most of the time!).


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