What shall I do with my life?


Now that Amazing M is sleeping through the night (fingers crossed, touch wood, throw salt over my back) the idea of having a sibling for her is becoming more attractive.

And as much as I’d love to dive in and try for another bundle of bliss next year or so, Mr B has aptly pointed out that I really need to consider my career. Hmm. This would not be an issue if I was content on being a housewife/homemaker. As much as I love looking after M, I want to contribute even more to society*, have ridiculous amounts of fun and make amazing money. I am absolutely certain I could do that and achieve all I want. My life so far is evidence enough that I have received from the Universe what I have wanted and asked for.

I just need to figure out what my life’s calling is.

I need to fill in this diagram. via deliciousmother.wordpress.com

So far shopping is the one thing that fits all three circles. Well, sort of- I think someone would pay me to buy stuff. I am so good at shopping, if only the time poor and cashed up peoples knew!


* Stay at home mothers contribute so much to society. Just take a look work by M. Sutherland and Oliver James. The flow on effects of providing a stable and loving foundation in the vital early years of a child’s life are underestimated by schools, governments and the general public. This is of course not to say that mothers who work have the opposite effect. You ultimately have to do what is best for the emotional, physical and financial health of the whole family. I am just “whoop whoop”ing the under-praised stay at home mothers.


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