Drunk on sleep. That’s why M has a crooked fringe.

Parenting & Musings

Source: crookedfringe.tumblr.com via Mandy on Pinterest   Amazing M’s fringe looks something like this.. It’s so unpretty it’s cute.

The sleeping situation has improved a lot. Tremendously, in fact. It took me a tear filled melt down to let Mr B help me in the quest for proper sleep.

See, Amazing M has learned to fall and get back to sleep by having some boob. I’ll spare you the sleep cycle techno information, but basically my boob was her sleeping aid, as well as the dummy.

So while the no-cry sleep solution was the golden standard protocol which I would have loved to adhere to, it came a couple of months too late. I was broken by months and months of broken sleep, and daunted by the fact that I would have to continue like this for weeks on end. My baby had turned into a milk sucking, sleep depriving nebulous creature at night. I no longer wanted to feel like that towards her; I wanted to get some sleep so I could do more things with her; and I wanted to stop being such a cow and react badly to every small annyoing thing Mr B would do or say. I just wanted to be myself again.

To summarise, Mr B did all the settling when M cried – every 30-60 seconds he would go in the room and pick her up and settle her. Repeated until she fell asleep. By the end of the week, she was sleeping the whole night long! Not once did I have to get up to feed her, which is a miracle in my eyes. It involved some tears and a lot of sweat, but it worked.

Bed time starts 730pm, morning starts at 630am (give or take a few minutes).

Day 1: total cries throughout the whole night/morning – 20 mins max.

Day 2: total cries – 10mins max

Day 3: total cries – 6 mins max

Day 4: total cries – 4 mins max

Day 5: total cries – 4 mins

Day 6: total cries – 3 mins

Amazing! We  also decided to wean her off the dummy at the same time. Fingers crossed it will continue to be a success for her as well as for us.

Now to explain the title. I decided to give M’s fringe a crop as it was getting too long. It’s wonky and not very neat and that wouldn’t normally irk me. It isn’t the end of the world. But then I remember that in few weeks she will need to have pictures taken at her big birthday bash and I have one second of panic. This is what sleep does to me. So drunk on the elusive elixir of seven hours straight of drool inducing sleep that I have lost foresight and common sense. But guess what? I don’t care! I’m finally getting the proper sleep I have been yearning for.


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