A birthday cake for M.

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Amazing M will be one year old next month. And we are lucky to be able to celebrate with my family back ‘home’.

In the company of loving family and friends, I hope to share a good lunch, games and cake with my munchkin.

It’s really fascinating to see the developments in a small baby. She knows what I mean when I tell her to sit; when I tell her that it’s nap time; when I ask her if she wants some num num (boobie). She can anticipate the thrill of being chased by mummy and daddy. All of that compared to four or five months ago when all I could do was will M to roll over onto her tummy.

But onto tastier topics.

The cake.

There are so many beautiful (looking) cakes out there and I really wish I could have every single cake for M (and for me) that I gush over. But there can only be one!

Source: pinterest.com via Tony on Pinterest

Source: flickr.com via Jacqui on Pinterest

Source: google.ca via Shanna on Pinterest


I like the bear cake, as Mr B and I call M by the nickname of “Bear”.

Source: hello-naomi.blogspot.com via Mandy on Pinterest

I think this Hungry Caterpillar cake would be perfect as M adores the book by Eric Carle.


This is such a lovely cake, but more appropriate for a baby shower. Lovely pregnant GFs, what do you think? If I had the will, this cake would be enough reason to be pregnant again…

So many cakes, not enough parties to throw.
Let me know what you think of the cakes. Suggestions and names of Oz bakers will be welcomed!


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