Note to self: I am happy for Miranda Kerr, Kate Middleton, Oprah and Lady Gaga

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Admit it. When you know or meet someone that has a fabulous life situation (career, money, looks, love, babies who sleep for 12 hours at a stretch etc) we consciously or subconsciously counter balance this by looking for a negative in this fab person’s life. For example: Ms X is the CEO of a luxury cosmetics company, has a caring and sensitive partner and lives in a beautiful converted Victorian terrace in a desired postcode. Too bad she probably can’t have kids as she’s turning 40 next year, and it looks like she could go on a detox program. And she’s not that nice, really.

What can happen if you let the ego take over your thoughts.

Really? Did I just think that out aloud?

It’s only human nature to compare, contrast and juggle judgments in our head and with others to somehow make ourselves come up trump. That’s the ego. It doesn’t like to be second best. It ignores the simple fact that someone is always going to be prettier/thinner/bigger/taller/richer/wittier/smarter/cooler/more bootilicious than you are.

So what’s the antidote to this bitchiness and insane mindache? Tell the ego to shut up and just be happy for the person with the million dollar bank account who just so happens to be a nice, good looking philanthropist. When good happens to one, it doesn’t mean there’s going to be less good going around for you. If you feel yourself being truly jealous, you know you need to work on your attitude.

And so with my own advice in mind I’m gonna try really hard to be happy for the Miranda Kerrs of this world.

(I bet her son is sleeping through. Well, good for her! She needs to look well slept for her job.)


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