The no-cry sleep solution: answer to my desperate prayers?

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My eyes are getting heavier with every letter I type. Amazing M has been waking frequently and I am almost at the end of my tether. Beautiful holidays and smiles during the day don’t help when you need sleep. And though I know I could be in bed right now, my need for adult activity and creative outlet is stronger than the need for sleep. But only just.

Turkey was just amazing despite the fact that we didn’t leave the resort for any trips. The secluded beach and extremely warm weather (39 degrees) floated my boat and make my soul hum for the eight days we were there. M was fab with only two night wakings per night on average (that is good for me right now!).

Back in London, M is waking a lot. Daytime naps are superb, but night time sleeping is not so hot.

And so it is that I am embarking on a proper sleep training that requires no crying it out but lots of patience and perseverance. The guide goes by the title of “The no-cry sleep solution:gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night” by Elizabeth Pantley. I won’t bore you with details and I promise to give only the odd update in the coming weeks. Fingers crossed they will be filled with sleep induced glee.

Promise the next post will be more interesting.

Lux sheets aside, will nice pj’s help? via


4 thoughts on “The no-cry sleep solution: answer to my desperate prayers?

  1. We’ve done a similar thing with our daughter, I used the sleep trainingmethod by Kim West, also a gentler method than control crying. There were still tears but at least I stayed in the room with her. It was hard but it did work. How old is your little one? Best of luck with the sleep training, it’s hard but very worth it.

    1. Thank you. It is going great now. I haven’t heard of Kim West, but will keep it in mind for the next baby. We got there in the end with a few tears and luckily the crying never escalated and we saw massive improvements quickly. It was a last resort thing, but I’m glad I did it. The Pantley book/method would have worked for me if I started it a few months earlier!

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