We’re going to the Olympics!

Food & Travel

After months of waiting, we finally got the tickets in the post. Handball is what we’re watching and Amazing M has a seat all to herself. And for £1, no less!

On BF’s birthday!

I am in awe of all elite athletes. The determination, drive, commitment and passion. Not to mention their finely toned bodies. Just goes to show that we are more capable of doing stuff than we realise. I reckon I’d be a great long distance swimmer but I’d really fancy a medal in ten pin bowling. You don’t need a six pack for that!

Stella McCartney has designed the gear for Team GB and I’m really itching to get the funky tennis skirt and top for the upcoming holiday. I can actually hit the ball, so the next step is to hit it to where I want it to go.

Six pack optional…
via marieclaire.co.uk


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