What I’ve done so far today…

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The rain has lovingly come to us for the good part of the last couple of weeks and I am refusing to wallow in damp misery as the rest of the nation seems to be. Get your Hunter wellies out and buy a nice raincoat. It’s just rain, people! My skin is basking in the damp conditions that is missing in Oz.

I think people tend to think that mothers who stay at home do nothing but have a good time and watch daytime telly. Let me tell you, even if this was the case, it is well deserved if only to make up for the sleep deprivation (as least in my case).

What I/we have done so far today:

-mopped the floor

-ironed Mr B’s work shirts

-two loads of laundry

-shower and hair wash

-shower and a bathtub clean

-quick email check

-made breakfast

-played with toys with M

-read together

-went to the health visitor to get weighed

-played with toys and another baby at the medical centre

-sung and danced around to Rihanna’s album

-made a nice vege and fish dish for lunch for M and I

Tasty fish and vegetables. Trust me, it tastes nicer than it looks.

-made sure the lunch actually was eaten using various distraction techniques

-stayed with M on bed till she fell asleep for her nap (lots of baby wrestling involved)

-kitchen clean

-and now M is napping, and I’m sipping on a home made rooibos latte while I blog.

Phew! And it’s not yet 2pm.

So although banal, it is a jam packed day when you are making sure that you are nuturing your little one as well as keeping a fairly tidy home. For me, the decision to stay at home was an easy one. The early years are vital in establishing bonds and neurological/emotional/physical stability. This time with Amazing M is something I could not trade in for a career, nicer things and independence. Those things can wait for a few years. My job title at the moment is Managing Director of Neuropsychophysical & Philanthropic Development in Future Stocks of Humankind. And for being in a situation where I can stay at home and do my job fully, I am eternally grateful. Thank you Mr B and thank you Universe!


2 thoughts on “What I’ve done so far today…

  1. I wish I could be a stay at home Allie…..
    I actually enjoy doing a bit of housework when I have the house to myself on Sundays. I don’t mind doing a few loads of laundry, vacumming and dusting. Just not the ironing please!

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