Dude, they’re just breasts!

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The past three nights have not been great for my nerves, Amazing M’s lungs or our sleep. I think I’m just going to have to just go with the flow and learn how to sleep through the night feeds. It’s as simple (but icky) as that.

Onto other things (sleep talk is so passe): The Guardian has been writing lots of articles on breast feeding, extended breast feeding, father’s views etc which always spark debate. It’s funny to think that such a natural act is so blooming controversial. I blame our modern culture’s over sexualisation of breasts. I’m sure some indigenous tribes of Africa/Asia would LOL if they knew of our (sexual) obsession with breasts. There are people who get so angry or worked up about mothers breast feeding older infants and young children (okay, I personally draw the line when they have to go school). It’s because the darn breasts serve a sexual function as well. People get uncomfortable with the notion of babies and toddlers getting close to erogenous zones. It would be a non issue, say, if your elbows could squirt milk into babies’ mouths. You could probably get away with elbow feeding until the child is a tween.

I believe in most cases, there is no psychological/passive-aggressive/Oedipal complex whatnot nonsense that guides a mother to choose to breast feed for durations that seem longer than normal in western society. The fact that I am actually writing about this seems a bit silly. In any case, I breast feed because I can and there is no sexual kick I get out of it (HAHAHA!). Nature most probably gave me boobies for the purpose of babe sustenance. And if you don’t choose to breast feed, I don’t really care. It’s none of my business.

Onto more interesting things (breast feeding talk is getting sooo passe now…)

Amazing M got her first walking shoes today!! Russell and Bromley have a kiddy shoe store at Westfield Stratford with very nice sales assistants who carefully measure and fit shoes for the little ones.

I am very much looking forward to encouraging M to take her first independent steps this week.

Here’s to a restful night!


4 thoughts on “Dude, they’re just breasts!

  1. “It would be a non issue, say, if your elbows could squirt milk into babies’ mouths. You could probably get away with elbow feeding until the child is a tween.” This is hands-down my favorite blog quote of the day!

  2. Congrats on your first walkers M! They are gorgeous, just like you!
    Now I’m jel and want new shoes too, haha~
    Breastfeeding, I agree, to each their own. As long as it doesn’t end up like that Little Britain ‘bitty’ sketch….

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