Will, be strong. Giving sleep training a go.

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Since my last post, things have been zen on the mental part. Physical part, I am not so sure. I thought things were going so well with M in the bedroom, but somehow in the past few days I have been woken up a lot by her cries. If I try to put the dummy back in her mouth she frantically throws it away, and starts to go all Karate Kid hand-slap happy on me. That kid is feisty! On the upside, in the early hours of the morning I wake up to her smacking a big wet kiss on my mouth and calling out ‘Mamma, mamma!’. 

But it’s four o’clock in the morning (!).

It’s a good thing she is so darn cute, or else I think I would have to put her back in the front room again.

Wanna play! via bobafamily.com/blog/

If I am going to be a fan friggin’ tastic mother and wife and friend and daughter and sister, I have to have some decent sleep.

I read somewhere that babies take three days to learn and unlearn a habit. So from tonight onwards I am going to have to apply some sleep training methods. i.e. breast feed only once in the night (not four times!) and doing anything but breast feeding to get her back to sleep. Is it unreasonable for me to want Amazing M to be sleeping like she did when she was a newborn? And although it is possible that she is teething, her previous cutting through phase was hardly noticeable. And yes, I know that babies really do need to wake up often during the night to feed and for comfort and all that jazz. I really do. It’s not normal for them to sleep through from 8 till 8 until goodness knows when. And I am not even going to go there with all the comparing with other babies around here who seem to sleep 12 hours at a stretch. 

But (I am going to have a not so delicious moan here, and I promise it’s the only moan for the foreseeable future) she used to sleep from 8 till 7! 

Where did we go wrong?!


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