Note to self: I am not here to control anyone and just leave the darn house.

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You know how people tell you that you need to take time for yourself, to go for walks on the beach or in the woods, have a soulful conversation with a close friend etc to be a well balanced person? Well, they are blooming right. The lack of lush foliage and salt watered coastlines around where I live isn’t a good enough excuse to deter me from zoning off from being a wife and mother.

This weekend has been lovely in many ways- a very long weekend (compliments of her Royal Majesty) with lovely food from Roka and our dim sum place, lots of squeals of laughter from Amazing M (who is running around in a baby version of a Brazilian knicker – i.e. ripped nappy falling apart and butt cheek hanging out, but it’s bath time soon so it’s all good) and lots of window shopping.

It’s lovely having Mr B around enough not to count down the hours till he comes home from work. But somewhere in this seemingly perfect weekend, the exhausted body, mind and ego scratched at the surface. I’m a control freak by habit and many times I have had to remind myself that I’m not here to control anyone. Mr B is not me, and he doesn’t do things the way I do things, and not necessarily in ways I want certain things to be done. And understanding that that is ok is what I need to work on. Strategy: Shut my mouth when I feel irked that Mr B is not doing/doing something I don’t like. Own the feeling. Acknowledge it. But just shut my mouth until the feeling subsides. Remember DM, you are not here to control anyone. Great on paper, but in practice my ego gets enraged at my silence and somehow wrangles me into saying things I regret, because obviously I know better.

Turn this off, DM. Please.

So I’m going to try very hard from this second onwards to abide by the above tenet. Well, as much as I possibly can. Knowing that the brain is rebooted with an entire new set of neurons every fortnight has to squash the belief that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

DM: Be quiet (as in 99% of all situations silence is golden), practice compassionate patience and just leave the darn house and spend some time on your own (sipping a creamy frappucino and reading the latest glossy mag.BLISS!).


2 thoughts on “Note to self: I am not here to control anyone and just leave the darn house.

  1. I would think it’s the perfectionist in you rather than the control aspect. You my dear is a perfectionist and being expressive – feels the need to express your thoughts. 😉 But yes I agree – we all need to learn how to keep our mouth closed at times.

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