Of mice and (wo)men.

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We have had a mouse. I was changing Amazing M when I saw the little bugger from the corner of my eye moving around the bedroom door entrance. I screamed. M laughed. I freaked.

The next hour or so involved me stomping and shaking M’s musical instruments to scare the mouse out of sight. I wanted it gone, but I didn’t want to see it. After I made sure the kitchen was spotless, I hurriedly walked to the local DIY store and bought traps and an ultrasonic mouse repellant, and spent all afternoon at a friend’s place because I was too petrified to go back alone.

My friend was amazing. After the kids had their play and food, she came back with me and checked every corner in the flat and under the skirting board in the kitchen. She reckoned it was hiding there so we placed a trap there and a few others around the flat. I don’t think I screamed so much at potential mouse poo and mouse viewings (dust and plastic crap).

If mice really looked like Mickey, the world would be a nicer place…
via wikipedia

When Mr B got home, my friend left and we both spend the night hoovering and clearing everything under the bed. With the mice traps set, we just held onto each other in bed in the night hoping that the mouse would be caught. About ten minutes after we went to bed, we heard a click but we were both too scared to check it, so we left it till the morning. And after some silly actions – such as weighing the trap to see if the mouse was there (it was one of those traps where you couldn’t see the mouse but had a dial that told you it was caught), googling the weight of a mouse, taking the trap our to the groundsmen to check if there really was a mouse in there while observing from afar – it was established that the mouse was in the trap and was dead. Hurrah! (I’m all for live mice, but in the wild and NOT in our flat).

This morning, my friend came around again and looked after M while I sprayed surfaces and removed real mouse poos (no screaming this time) and cleaned all surfaces to a standard Martha would be proud of. I mean, I did want to start chucking things out and have a super duper immaculate place, but I didn’t want a terrifying kick up the butt start like this! Seriously, I need to be careful with what I wish for. I wanted hospital grade cleanliness and tidiness, and I boy have I got it now…


Ok, so there’s more of them buggers. Came home to find fresh poo in places šŸ˜¦ Going to get some peppermint oil and douche the place in it as mice apparently can’t stand the stuff. I really cannot be wiping the floors and hoovering three times a day!!


6 thoughts on “Of mice and (wo)men.

  1. Eep! I hope you get em all….. I watched Graham Norton last night and David Attenborough was on and he was saying that the one animal he doesn’t like is rats. And then he told a charming story of being in India and sitting on the toilet and a rat came out between his legs….

  2. most likely coming from the rest of your apartment building?! the whole place need treatment – you can keep cleaning as much as you want but if the building is infested ~ they will keep coming back. šŸ˜¦

    1. I spoke to management about it who are looking into things. So far, no more mice have been trapped, thank goodness. Just keeping an eye out for poo now. Every little black fluff I see gets a scream before I calm down.

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